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DogZ is the Greyhound Racing Program that gives you the advantage picking the winning dogs. DogZ was developed after interviewing railbirds with years of experience betting at the track using time consuming hand written calculations. These time proven formulas are incorporated into the program. 

Once the dog data is entered in the program, calculations that used to take hours are now performed by the computer in just seconds. The  final calculation race results lists the order of finish for each dog along with other data to help you decide on what type of bet to place. You can print the final results and take them to the track. DogZ gives you the same results as many tips sheets, sometimes better, much better! Whether you bet on the net or at the track, DogZ helps you bet like the pro's. If you are a pro, DogZ will make handicapping easier and quicker. Order DogZ today at the new low price of $99.95. You won't be disappointed.

DogZ Features
  • Very Simple Operation
  • Extremely Fast & Accurate Calculations
  • The most Economical Handicapping software available
  • Import Race Data directly from the Internet
  • Manual Data Entry from the Race Program
  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000
  • User Trainable Internet Import



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